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   Salt nic E liquids

Salt nicotine e-juices, often marketed as nic salts and salt nic, are non-combustible substitutes for conventional cigarettes that allow Vape Dubai community members to utilise higher nicotine salt concentrations without suffering from severe throat effects. 

These e-juices must be used only in low-power vape mods, not high-powered versions. The working mechanism of nic salts is simple to understand once we understand freebase nicotine. 

Most e-liquids these days contain freebase nicotine, the purest form of nicotine extracted from tobacco leaves. Freebase nicotine is effective at trace doses, and it can be chemically altered in larger amounts.

Nic salts have a multitude of characteristics that popularise them in the Vape Dubai market. The confined contribution of nicotine with improved flavours is a useful alternative for novices due to its delightful feel. Nicotine salts work well with a low-wattage pod system; they should not be used with sub-ohm pods. However, if you are experienced and have a high tolerance level, you can try sub-ohm pods with less nicotine salt.

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