When Should You Replace Your Vape Coil?

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Changing your vape coil is going to be part of your routine, and it’s important for getting the best performance from a vaping device. But there are certain ways you’ll want to change a coil so that it produces the best flavour and lasts as long as possible. When should you change a vape coil? How do you go about changing one correctly? In this article from Vape Dubai, we answer all these questions – let’s dive in!

When Should You Change Your Vape Coil?

 When should you change a vape coil? The answer is that it’s time to replace your coil when you’re no longer happy with the flavour of your salt nic or e-juice. When the wick or heating surface has been burned, and if throat irritation begins to be felt after using the same coil for an extended period of time, then it’s definitely time to change your vape coils! A vaporizer’s life will eventually come to an end but not before its quality of taste starts changing as well; this does not mean that you need to immediately replace them. Vaporizers can become expensive if they are replaced every week-so what we recommend is continuing smoking until there comes a point when their quality of taste becomes unbearable.

How to Extend the Lifespan of a Vape Coil?

If you’re unhappy with the longevity of your vape coils and would like them to last longer, you need to determine what is causing them to burn out. There are two reasons why a coil may burn out: either e-liquid residue has fouled the heating surface or its cotton wick is burned. Once you know which one it is, then changing that will increase their lifespan!

How Do You Know If Your Coils Have Burned Out?

When a vape coil burns out, first inspect the top of the coil. If there is dark residue coating its surface, then you need to replace it because something has spilled onto it and burnt up some wicks from inside of your disposable pods, Myle pods or vaping devices. However, if there’s still shine on its surface, then you should look into changing your flavour selection because your coils are burned or dry from lack of e-juice coverage!

What’s the Best Way to Vape for Longer Coil Life?

All the ingredients in e-juice can leave a residue on your vape coil and these include sucralose. Sugar free sweeteners are one of the main contributors to poor coil life, so it might be wise to switch to unsweetened flavours if you have been noticing that this is what’s causing coils burning out quickly. If you use unsweetened flavours, your vape coils can last anywhere from several days up until just weeks each! The longest any set of coils should ever last for when left untouched is about a few weeks with regular usage without changing them around or having burnt taste after some time on them. However, if you find that they’re always burning too fast and not lasting as long as usual – then there could be an issue either with how high wattage it has been used at or even whether they’ve had enough time between being changed over properly – we’ll discuss more fully later on how best changes over vaping tanks/coils accurately.

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