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Neccessary Precautions to Take to Avoid Dry Vape Hits

Dry vape

What is a Dry Vape Hit?

The wicking material, usually the cotton should be saturated with the e-juice before vaping. If not, it results in a dry vape hit. A dry hit may be either due to an empty tank or a burnt coil, a coil running at too high wattage burns the vape juice quickly and results in burning the coil itself. The consequence would be a mouthful of unpleasant and nuisance hot air from an overheating coil or to the worst, in some cases, your mouth gets filled with smoke caused by the residue and roasting of the junk on your coil.

How to Fix Dry Vape Hits?

The perfect solution to dry vape hit is keeping the coil moist every time. For this, you need to always make sure that your vape coil and e-juice are efficient and your vaping habits are on point. Here is a list of ways to fix the dry hits of vaping.

  • Always make sure that your coil and wick are saturated with the vape juice
  • Avoid the frequent vaping habit
  • Unhurried vaping session
  • Update your vape kit and devices
  • Adjust the PG/VG ratio of your e-juice

Keep your wick saturated

To begin with, saturating your coil and wick would reduce the possibility of an awful dry hit to nearly zero. An unsaturated coil is the major cause of dry hit during vaping. Waiting a minute after adding the e-liquid may not always help us. We have to make sure that our coils are of high quality and go well with our devices. It is better to cycle the coils if we experience a looming dry hit. Moreover, replacing a top coil device with a bottom coil clearomizer is of great help as the coil would stay saturated almost every time in this case.

Avoid frequent Vaping Habits

Are you a chain vaper or do you vape at high power for bigger clouds? How we vape contributes a lot to the frequency of dry vape hits. Chain vaping, over vaping, power vaping and high voltage vaping leads to dry hits. Frequent vaping causes the coil to dry out and become overheated thereby causing a dry hit. If you often experience dry hits, you need to change your smoking habit.

We should always keep an eye on the amount and time duration of our vaping. If the user can’t alter the frequency of his vape, he should at least try a lower strength e-liquid. We should make sure that we have a calm and peaceful vaping session than sucking the vape to full all at once.

Unhurried vaping Session

A chain smoker has an unrelenting need for nicotine. The more we smoke, the more our brain hankers for another kick. And thus, smoking is always associated with a short and sharp session of nicotine intake. Thus, if we are someone who switched to vaping recently, there are high chances for dry hits.

But what we need to know is vaping is different. Different people vape differently. But it is always advisable to approach vaping with a gentler and longer relaxed session. Switching your vape pod off for a while and giving it a rest can help to reset it and some vapers take a ‘primer puff where they draw they draw the liquid without switching on the battery and thus keeping the coil moist and reducing the risk of dry hits.

Update your Vape Kits and Devices

If you are getting a lot of dry hits even after trying all these precautions, it might be high time to change your vape device. A collection of authentic durable products are available on the market these days. 

Many devices that are available in the market can be calibrated to change the temperature and voltage which could be systematic in nullifying the chances of dry hits. Changing the vape juice can also help to an extend. It is always ideal to invest in a vape pen or mod box that have more control over temperature and voltage for the best vaping experience. 

Changing the vape flavours is also a solution for dry vape hit as it will change the way you vape. Controlling the nicotine intake by choosing nic free vapes offers enjoyment, flavour and relaxation.

Adjust the PG/VG ratio of your e-juice

Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG) are the two main ingredients in e-liquid. VG is thicker than PG. The former has a smoother hit and produces more cloud, while the latter has less cloud and a high flavour packed hit.

VG is thicker and hence it takes longer for the coil to become saturated and this may cause a dry hit. So if there is a frequent dry hit problem with your high VG vape, it is better to choose a PG. It could do the job.

Hopefully, these precautions can help prevent a dry vape hit and thereby helping you escape from an unpleasant smoked mouth and throat. Taking a break is always a recommendable choice good for both you and your vape. Moreover, please ensure to take a primer puff to keep the coil moist. Ensuring these simple precautions, you can achieve a healthy vaping session without a dry vape hit.

5 thoughts on “Neccessary Precautions to Take to Avoid Dry Vape Hits

  1. Asghar Mubeen says:

    A very informative blog on a very common issue. Thanks for educating us on every aspect of vaping.

  2. Ahmed Salari says:

    I’ve recently had dry hits, but I’ve never understood why. I know the causes now with certainty after reading this blog.

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