Myle: The Latest Trendsetter In Vape Dubai Market


Whether you’re new to vaping or an experienced vaper looking for a new device, MYLE‘s pod vape has appealing features.

The MYLE (pronounced as my-lee) e-cigarette brand is the result of Italian innovation and design. Since its inception, it has been a major participant in the pod vape market. The brand has recently acclaimed great recognition and appreciation in the Vape Dubai market for its authenticity and quality of vapes.

MYLE works to push the limits of pod vaping by delivering excellent gear to assist smokers in making the transition to healthier alternatives, as stated in its mission statement. However, they also efficiently and uncompromisingly preserve the same degree of satisfaction that traditional cigarettes provide. The brand is absolutely true to its vape mission, making it more trustworthy and reliable.

MYLE has created innovative and aesthetically appealing portable and distinct vape pods with an ergonomic design over the last few years. Their newest V4 gadget and deliciously flavoured nic-salt pod range are true pieces of innovations.

This blog will discuss one of the most relevant features of a disposable vape pod, durability. Let’s see how long the Myle Pod lasts and what features influence it.

What is the lifespan of the MYLE pod?

Each MYLE pod has a volume of 0.9 ml and provides roughly 240 puffs. While this is more substantial than some alternative vape brands, it is far from the most puff-filled pod. 0.9 ml of e-liquid, on the other hand, is sufficient to keep the typical consumer vaping all day. Hence, Myle is obviously considerable.

MYLE disposable pods come preloaded with a special 5% nicotine salt e-liquid. Their composition has a considerable nicotine content and a pleasant throat hit. With faster absorption into the bloodstream, users can benefit from the long-lasting nicotine effect, possibly with less frequent vaping. 

This is a perfect alternative to start with if you’re attempting to quit smoking because it offers you a cigarette-like sensation in appeal and performance.

The MYLE vape pod contains nic-salt e-juice, and unlike freebase nicotine formulae, nic-salt can vaporise at lower temperatures. This is the perfect answer to a common question, how does the Myle pod work so efficiently with just a compact 240 mAh battery. When the coil is ignited, the battery capacity allows quick vaporisation of e-liquid that offers an extended vape pod probity. Regarding the battery charging efficiency, it can be charged from flat to full within just 30 minutes and has a considerable capacity to stay all day long. The innovative methodology of the Myle brand is perfectly evident in its latest V4 device with a convenient micro USB charging slot.

The most desirable signature feature of the Myle pod is the leak-proof technology, saving each drop of e-liquid from wastage. Also, considering the refilling of Myle refillable pods, the product is exhibited for sale after rigorous laboratory testing to ensure convenient and hassle-free refilling of vape pods. This makes it equalise  in convenience and comfort of disposable vape pods available in the Vape Dubai market.

Impact of Vaping Habits on Pod Life-Span

Although the specifications and features of vape pods play a great role in the life span of vape pods, the vaping habits of each vaper also decide the longevity of their vape pods. Here is a list of a few deciding factors of Myle Pod durability.

The Frequency of Vaping

The indirect proportionality of the lifespan of a pod to the amount vaped by the user can never be ignored. In short, lesser would be the lifespan if the frequency of vaping is high. And if, at any instance, you wish for a frequent vaping session, go for a low concentration nic-salt strength that would ensure that you would never fall into addiction.

The Perfect Nic-Salt Concentration

If the ideal nicotine strength for your desires is found and utilised, you can get your desired nicotine hit with just a few draws. Lesser the draws, more will be the lifespan of your Myle pod.

Also, if you are on your pathway to a non-nicotine life, Myle offers you a tremendous option with lesser nicotine strength that helps you wean from the nicotine addiction healthily and efficiently.

Securely Storing the Pod

In its storage terms, the Myle brand emphasises storing the pods in a cool and dry ambience. The UV rays have the potential to disrupt the nicotine molecular build, and hence it is recommended to keep the pod away from direct sunlight. If at any instance, you happen to feel a distinct sour smell of e-liquid, it might be probably ruined and is recommended to replace. MYLE also suggests storing the devices by detaching pods and being fully charged.

Never Tamper your Myle Pods

The disposable Myle pods come prefilled and are not meant to be refilled. Modifications interrupt the internal vacuum of the pod that may cause e-liquid leakages. So we recommend users incorporate prefilled replacement pods for devices.

The Most Durable Myle Pods

By assessing the user trends in the global vape market, the Myle estimates suggest that 4 of the durable e-liquid Myle pods can provide a week lifespan to average users. Hence, Myle would always top up in the list of long-lasting, efficient, delectable and affordable vape pods in the Vape UAE market.


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WARNING : This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.