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Vape coils types and materials used to build vape coils

Vape Coils

Vape Coils

An atomizer in an e-cigarette is its heating element that atomizes the e-liquid.  An atomizer consists of coils called vape Dubai coils, wrapped in a wicking material that absorbs the e-liquid. When a vape device is activated for use, the vape coil draws the power from the battery, heats and vaporizes your vape juice thus creating vapours.

Vape coils are measured in ohms. The famous vaporizer brands have their own collection of vape coils with different resistance level options. Customize your experience by choosing vape coils with a specific resistance. At a lower resistance level, vaping coils produce sufficient vapour when the device is activated. Meanwhile, vape coils with higher resistance would give high power resulting in more vapours. To find the best vape coil that gives you the ideal encounter, it’s better to test a few different resistance levels before choosing one.

What are vape wires made of?

Vape coils consist of a wire coil that can be made from any number of materials, which in turn give different vaping experiences. Here is a list of featured materials for a wire coil. 


This is a trading name as well as the name of the most popular wire kind. It works well as a vape coil since it is made up of three distinct metals. Unless otherwise noted, a vape coil is constructed of Kanthal or Nichrome.


This is also an alloy but composed of two metals. Compared to Kanthal, it is a thinner wire that heats up quickly, and hence can be used for sub-ohm coils easily. Again, no special settings are needed for this wire, hence it is not usually specified.

Stainless Steel

Used either in straight wattage mode or with temperature control vaping, stainless steel is also used as a vape coil wire. This widely available wire holds its shape well and has a quick ramp up time.


The thin and easy to work with Titanium wires can be used in an e-cig with a temperature control function. Avoid a coil specified with Titanium(Ti) if you don’t want to use temperature control vaping as this doesn’t perform in straight wattage modes.


Made of only one element, Nickel, this coil doesn’t work with wattage modes. Being a thin pliable wire, it is difficult to get a uniform coil that holds to its shape if you are building your own coil with this material.

Different Types of Coils for Vape

By changing the types of wire and wire gauges, we can create different types of vape coils. Each coil gives a different vaping experience. Here is a list of different types of vape coils.

Vertical Coil

This is the most popular type of coil. A singular wrap of coil in a coil shape runs from the bottom of the metal casing to the top. It will be wrapped by a wicking material around it in such a way that the air moves through the centre of this coil.

Dual Coil

Except for the 2 wraps of coil wire, usually side by side, this is similar to the vertical coil. The surface area is the only factor considered in a wired coil. But when the number of coils is doubled, the elements heating your e-liquid and producing vapor are doubled, thus giving a better experience.

Triple Coil

Though these are the same as vertical coils, here 3 coils do the work. With tripled surface area and sub-ohm coils, this will produce large amounts of vapour.

Multiple Coil

Here we have multiple wire coils, usually 8 or above. With a massive surface area, this will be very sub-ohm and is perfect for Direct Lung vaping as this has high powers and can produce huge clouds of vapour.

Twisted Coil

Unlike the other four, which have a single strand of wire wrapped in a coil, the Twisted coil has multiple strands of wire, wrapped or braided around each other and then made into a coil. Here too, the surface area is the key factor. Twisted coil enhances the flavour of the e-juice.

Mesh Coil

In a mesh coil, wires are arranged in such a way that they literally look like a mesh with small holes. With a massive surface area, they have higher resistance and sub-ohm, thus ideal for maximum flavour hunt.

Net Coil

Almost similar to a mesh coil, a net coil has comparatively larger holes, thus looks like a fishing net. With a massive surface area, this also ensures great flavour and vapour.


All these coils perform very well in producing the cloud vapour that every vaper dreams for.


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