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A Definitive guide to Clearomizer and Glassomizer


Introduction to Clearomizers and Glassomizers:

The two famous variants of atomizers known as clearomizers and glassomizers are sometimes confusing to the consumers. They operate similarly but differ uniquely in a few aspects. The vaping community has always been in a tug of war regarding the superiority of these two atomizers. Both clearomizer and glassomizer have various qualities that make them unique and special among the vapers.


These are atomizers that can be effortlessly operated without prior experience. They are equipped with a transparent tank that reveals the quantity of e-juice contained in the atomizer. The coils in clearomizers are screwed beneath the removable atomizer. They are relatively cheap as compared to the glassomizer because the transparent tank is made out of plastic. Although cheaper, plastic can lead to severe deterioration by the reactions caused by the ingredients in the vape juices. Many vapers have often claimed that these types of damages to the atomizers can lead to serious health complications such as cancer and lung diseases to the user.

Conversely, a great benefit of the plastic material is that the user can carry along the device anywhere without the fear of breaking it due to movement. Plastic material also bestows the atomizer with an exceptionally long shelf life.

Clearomizers are designed to be highly flexible and adaptive. They can be used with various devices such as mod tubes and box modes. It’s always desirable to verify the specifications of the clearomizer that includes the capacity with which it can hold the e-juices, the quality of the material, and also the resistance capacity of the coils.

The e-juices can be filled up in clearomizers based on the variant which is used by the consumer. Two basic designs are available that allow the user to either fill the e-juices from the top of the device and also from the bottom of the atomizer.  Be careful when filling the clearomizer to avoid filling the airway in the middle part of the tank which can cause the overflow of vape Dubai juices.
The capacity of a clearomizer tank is impressive as it can hold up to a maximum of 5 millimeters of vape juices. But that does not decide the duration of vaping, since most of the wicks provided in these latest atomizers can absorb faster and the coils are usually low resistant ones which can burn up the e-juices comparatively faster.
The clearomizer has three different varieties of coils available for users that can give distinct vaping experiences to the users.

1) Bottom coil

Bottom Coil offers a delicious and flavoursome vaping experience to the user. They do not need to be frequently wicked since the coils are positioned at the bottom of the tank

2) Top coil

Top Coil is similar to cubano smoking as they provide a warm vapour to the user. They are ideal for beginners and need to be filled with e-juice by removing the top lid of the clearomizer.

3) Multiple coils

Mutiple coils are typically used by vapers who are fond of stronger hits. Clearomizers with multiple coils produce a lot of vape clouds, unlike other tanks. Since they require high power to operate, the batteries of these devices needed to be frequently changed.


These atomizers are available in a variety of designs and are comparatively heavier than the clearomizers. The weight is complemented by the material of the glassomizer, which is made out of pyrex glass. This is also one of the main reasons, why they are much costlier than the clearomizers which is made out of plastic. The durability of these atomizers is much longer than the clearomizers as they do not corrode due to the chemical ingredients present in the vape juices.
But there is a risk of breakage since the material used for manufacturing the tank of glassomizers is glass. So every time, the user has to be careful when handling these atomizers.
An important factor that makes the glassomizers unique is that the users will be able to experience the vaping juice in a more refined and luscious taste. Vapers who desire to use multiple e-juices can rely on glassomizer tanks for providing a rich taste, unlike the clearomizer which can sometimes emit a burnt taste from the previous vape juice.


Both these atomizers are widely used by vapers around the globe according to their individual preferences. So it is up to the user to try any of these tanks after weighing the potential benefits and vulnerabilities.

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