How to Fix Loose JUUL Pods for a Dubai Vape?

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Since it is finally the weekend, you might be sitting back on a comfortable lounge chair sipping
on warm Arabic coffee and watching the beautiful sunset. This is the best moment for a Dubai
vape to celebrate the start of a new month. Doesn’t it feel good to escape from all the
responsibilities of work for a few days to relax? However, when you reach for your JUUL in your
pocket or handbag and take a puff, nothing comes out. This ruins the serene experience you
were enjoying just moments ago. Not hearing the familiar crackle of juice from your JUUL
device can be concerning, especially if you were hoping for the sweet flavour and warmth on
your lips to enjoy vaping in Dubai. There are many reasons for a device malfunction. Here is
how you can identify the problem and fix your device instead of splurging on a new one too

Why Am I Getting Inconsistent JUUL Puffs?
The leading cause of inconsistencies in JUUL puffs is loose pods. You might be wondering how
your pod became dislodged in the first place. Many people who enjoy vaping in Dubai
experience this at least once, because JUUL batteries do not hold pods as securely as other
devices. There is plenty of variability in batteries and pods, so yours could have become loose,
especially the plastic nubs that are on each side of the pod.
These nubs are meant to hold your JUUL pod in place, but they are not the most durable and
can wear down quickly. This happens if you remove and insert a pod several times. If you switch
your pods too multiple times a day to change flavours, those plastic numbs wear down and
become loose. However, this is not a permanent problem, and you can fix your Dubai vape
device in a jiffy.

Fixing the Problem Without Damaging Your Device
This can be done in two small steps. The first step is to remove the JUUL pod if there is still one
inside. Then you should apply a tiny bit of pressure on either side of the pod opening to create
an inward bend in the metal body of the device. This minimal bending of the JUUL will grip the
pod tighter to prevent it from slipping out.
Keep in mind to bend it as little as possible because the JUUL’s opening is already designed to
be an almost perfect fit. If you overbend the sides, it will become challenging to remove or
insert pods again. The little bit you bend should almost be invisible to the naked eye.
To avoid scratching your Dubai vape device, you should use tweezers with rubber tips on the
ends. In case you do bend the device a little more, you can fix it by pushing it back out with a
blunt object. However, try your best to make the most subtle adjustments and test before
going any further. This method is much more practical than using your thumb or lips
continuously to squeeze the loose pod back in place for every puff.
If you do not want to go through this process and risk cosmetic damage to your Dubai vape
device, you should avoid replacing the pods frequently and only do it once or twice a week. The
difference after the slight bending is that instead of hearing the usual “Click” after inserting the
pod, you might feel it wedge inside due to the resistance. This means that you have completed
the process successfully. Now you can take a puff to test if you have cured one of the most
annoying problems that plague many JUULers who love vaping in Dubai.

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