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Complete guide to build your perfect vape coil

Vape Coil – The crucial component

Any vaper will unanimously agree to the fact that vape coils are the crux of a vaping device or e-cigarette. They are essentially metal coils that are spirally wrapped and inserted with cotton or any absorbent wicking material. Moreover, vape coils are one of the most crucial components responsible for transforming flavourful e-juices into delicious vapours.

So, why would anyone build vape coils?

The majority of vapers around the globe are unaware of building vape coils as they consider it to be an impossible task shrouded in complex procedures and a waste of time. It is quite evident that they consider coil building to be difficult as the internet is flooded with people looking to purchase vape coils online. As a matter of fact, even though you are a beginner, it is quite simple to build a vape coil and the procedure takes less than half an hour to accomplish, given that you have all the components.

And like anything, building vape coils attracts its own populace of people who are willing to spend their time and energy for gaining a tailored vaping experience.

What makes building a vape coil so enjoyable?

Several factors are responsible for attracting vapers to build their own vape coils. It has garnered enough popularity for guaranteeing the vapers with a phenomenal vaping experience that is capable of regulating the intensity and taste of the e-liquids. A tailored vape coil also ensures that each and every vaper can experience a vaping session according to the individual preference.

How does the Vape Coil work?

The vape coil is a thin wire( thickness depends on the gauge/diameter) that is spirally wrapped around the wicking material into a coil. Heat energy is generated, once the power is initiated from the vaping device. This heat energy is transferred to the metal coil, which transforms the delectable e-juices present in the wicking material to turn into luscious vapour.

What are the Vape coils made from?

Choosing the right kind of materials for vape coils can contribute to a hassle-free coil building experience. Currently, there are numerous coils that can be efficiently moulded and handled. The most commonly used wires include metals like Kanthal, Nickel, Nichrome, Stainless Steel and Titanium.

Also, note that the diameter or gauge of the wire is equally important in deciding the quality of the vaping experience. As the coil gets thinner the resistance increases and vice versa.

So, what are the materials needed to build a Vape coil?

Numerous tool kits are available in the market to make your coil building process a hassle-free and simple experience. Beginners can benefit immensely from these comprehensive tool kits. As such, you can also buy each and every tool individually from the market both online and offline. The essential tools consist of –

  •  Flush Cutters – for trimming metal wires
  •  Resistance wires – for making coils
  •  Scissors – for cutting the excess cotton(wicking material)
  •  Ceramic Tweezers – to avoid short circuits and for pinching the coils during   the dry-run
  •  Ohm Reader – for precise measurement of resistance
  •  Screwdriver or a thin metal rod – for coiling the wires
  •  Coil Jig(Not necessarily)

 Let’s now check out the steps to build a vape coil.

Ø If you are a beginner, the foremost step in building an impressive vape coil is to cut the metal wires up to 6 inches. This length can help you to calculate the overall coil size. Expert coil builders usually cut the wires at 3-4 inches in length.

Ø After carefully cutting the resistance wires, we now twirl them around a screwdriver or a coil jig to wrap the coil spirally. Swirl the wire tightly around the screwdriver for a firm and uniform spiral formation to make sure that the wires do not overlap each other. Always verify that the two end parts of the resistance wires are aligned in the same way. You can also use a coil jig instead of a screwdriver to wrap the coil efficiently and consistently without any hassle.

Ø Now let’s insert the newly built vape coil into the vape device by detaching(unscrewing) the tank deck. Carefully insert and attach both ends of the wires to the positive and negative terminals of the device. Now tighten the screws after adjusting the coil by placing it in the middle of the deck.

Ø After insertion let’s check the resistance of the coil using the Ohm reader and thoroughly analyze the connection to prevent any short circuit. If the ohm reader detects a short circuit or any other malfunction, readjust the coil and verify whether the ends are tightened inside terminals.

Ø Go for a dry run once you rectify the readjustment of the coil and allow the coil to burn until it turns piping hot and red. Additionally, use the tweezers(preferably ceramic) to remove any sort of hot spots if any.

Ø After the dry run, allow the coil to cool down and then attach or thread a cotton wick to the coil. Make sure the ends are fluffed out with scissors or tweezers for absorbing the e-juices. Remove the excess cotton which deters the absorption of the vape juices.

After confirming that all the prerequisites and safety checks are followed, you can start enjoying a rewarding and mind-blowing vaping session by using the exceptional vape coil crafted by you.

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