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Vaping has undeniably succeeded in setting a new trend in the modern era. Today, we can see more and more people switching from traditional cigarettes to quality flavours of vapes. Vaping has become an inevitable part of the lifestyle of the people in Dubai, especially the younger generation. Dubai is the best place to explore the possibilities of vaping. Vape Dubai is the perfect platform to discover the difference between vaping, especially for the new generation. Irrespective of whether you are a resident or a tourist in Dubai, get ready for a great experience of vaping with Dubai vapes. Our Vape shop in Dubai provides the finest and the latest vape mods, pods and E-cigarettes. It is becoming glaringly obvious that the future of vaping is quite promising. It is high time to take the giant leap from the traditional ways and indulge in the extraordinary. Vape UAE focuses on enticing the new vaping community in Dubai.


The popularity of Vape Dubai has ever been increasing as people consider it a better choice than cigarettes. The transition to vaping was due to obvious reasons.

  • Be your own master! Control the nicotine percentage and avoid nicotine addiction. 
  • Vaping does not have a pernicious effect on people.
  • It helps in controlling the amount of vapour exhaled.
  • It offers a wide range of unique flavours to try and a huge collection of devices to choose from so that vaping never becomes monotonous.


We at Vape Dubai consistently make it a point that we provide high quality E-liquids, vape kits, replacement coils, vape accessories etc. We also provide the best quality vape devices and various unique flavours of E-juice and nicotine salts to the customers. We aim at providing our customers the best premium quality products at reasonable cost. We are committed to offering truly authentic, premium e-liquid from well known brands. Satisfying the needs of our customers is our topmost priority. Therefore  we ensure that the products we offer are safe as well as of supreme quality. It is quite subjective when it comes to taste and flavour and hence we have a very wide range of flavour lines including Fruits, Dessert, Candy, and Cubano,  which definitely will satisfy your sophisticated palate. Vape Dubai products are refreshingly flavourful and are indeed a delight for your senses. Our vaping products are indeed one of a kind in the vaping industry in Dubai. 


Vape Dubai stand out from the other vape shop in Dubai for the matter of fact that we provide uncompromising customer service and genuine products. Our delivery service is both quick and reliable. Your product will reach you safely on the very same day of your ordering the product with us if you reside in Dubai. It may take another working day to reach other Emirates in the UAE. Our service executives are exclusively available to serve you round the clock . You can reach out to us either through a call to our store or through our online portal. We are here, always happy to help you and to clear your queries and concerns. 

You can avail of Vape UAE products online or from our vape shop in Dubai whichever you feel is convenient. You’ll be thrilled to bits after vaping with us. 

To enhance the quality of vaping experience our customers have, we only bring vape utilities from toppest brands like Vaporesso, myle, tugboat, Vgod, Justfog, Relx, Smok and many other sharks in the ocean of vape industry.


Vape Dubai has a mission of bringing people together who want to explore the possibilities of vaping. We wanted to be a transformative presence in the community by effectively meeting our clients’ vaping demands and requirements, and thereby becoming the most trusted vape dealers in Dubai.

Feel at your best, with our choice of products!